Custom protection and packaging solutions not only guarantee safe shipment for delicate or sensitive products but also makes people’s lives safer, e.g. child car seats and helmets.
Packaged in EPS, EPP, EPE, Arcel or Molded Pulp various articles are cushioned and cradled against impact, vibrations and temperature fluctuations during shipment and storage.  We only need a drawing or sample to develop the perfect packaging solution and can produce shape-molded parts of any kind to customer specifications.

Electronic equipment and household appliances

EPS shape-molded parts provide perfect protection against impact, pressure and temperature fluctuations during transport and storage. Tailored packaging solutions ensure that sensitive and high-quality productse.g. for the entertainment electronics, are transported safely or suit as transport protection for home appliances.


We produce EPS, EPP and EPE product trays with or without anti-static design, for versatile applications. The reuseable EPS trays are especially suitable as transport products on manual and computer-operated production lines in the electronics branch. EPP und EPE product trays with anti-static design protect highly sensitive electronic components against static electricity and interference.

Insulating boxes

Just as in nature, modern packaging must fulfill a wide range of protection functions. The transportation of pharmaceutical or biotechnological products, medical samples and perishable foodstuffs represents a particular challenge for packaging material. Special thermo-containers and insulating boxes ensure relatively constant temperatures and thereby guarantee safe transport. In addition, the transport packaging used for food must meet a range of hygienic requirements.


We produce reuseable packaging made of EPS, EPP and Arcel. Protective packaging made of EPP and Arcel are particularly resistant and elastic, so it can be used for many years. That not only protects the environment, but also creates logistic advantages and reduces costs.

Food packaging

Fresh food is particularly important to consumers. To ensure that they do not lose their freshness on the way to the consumer, they must be kept cool for as long as possible. Because of its air-filled cells, EPS insulates particularly well. Thus, in an EPS transport box filled with ice, the temperature is kept constantly low for many hours. In addition, EPS transport boxes are not only especially hygienic, but also tasteless. For cold and warm – EPS packaging not only keeps cold longer, but also keeps warm better due to its high insulating capacity.

Standard products

We supply a comprehensive range of standard products for wholesalers and industry with the benefits of individual mold cost savings and short delivery times: boxes and containers, cool boxes, decorative articles, protective corners, bottle packaging, etc. in various sizes and designs.