Whistleblower reporting system

Whistleblower reporting system of HIRSCH Porozell GmbH

At HIRSCH Porozell GmbH, we attach great importance to compliance with all legal regulations. This forms the foundation of our corporate mission statement and characterises our understanding of compliance. We also expect our employees and business partners to adhere to these principles in the interests of sustainable and compliant co-operation.


Establishment of a secure reporting system

To support this approach, we have implemented an internal whistleblower reporting system according to applicable law, which is provided by Müller Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH. This system makes it possible to submit reports securely, confidentially and, if desired, anonymously – at any time and from any location.


Who can provide information?

All persons (whistleblowers) who have obtained information about violations of the law due to current or previous professional connections with HIRSCH Porozell GmbH, are invited to use the link below to report information on possible unlawful behaviour as defined by the Whistleblower Protection Act.


Relevant issues

The relevant areas include:

  • Public procurement
  • Financial services, financial products and financial markets
  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Product safety and compliance
  • Transport safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Radiation protection and nuclear safety
  • Food and feed safety
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Public health
  • Consumer protection
  • Protection of privacy and personal data
  • Security of network and information systems
  • Prevention and prosecution of criminal offences under Sections 302 to 309 StGB


Reporting information

To submit a report, please click on the button below and send your report to the e-mail address provided. We guarantee that every report will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.


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