Our EPS & EPP Packaging Solutions

Discover our Molded Pulp Packaging Solutions

Discover EPS packaging from HIRSCH Porozell. Our customised protection and packaging solutions guarantee the safe transport of sensitive or high-value products. Whether it’s electronics, medical equipment or food, our EPS packaging offers the best protection against shocks, pressure and temperature fluctuations.

Thanks to our decades of experience and know-how, we are able to produce customised packaging solutions of any kind. We develop your packaging based on drawings or samples and ensure that it is perfectly tailored to the needs of your products to be valued. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art production processes and, in addition to EPS, other high-quality materials such as EPP, EPE, Arcel and molded pulp.

Our packaging not only offers optimum protection, but is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. We focus on sustainability and take a holistic approach to production. With our EPS packaging you rely on quality and reliability – let us find the ideal packaging solution for your company together!

Molded Pulp

In response to current challenges, HIRSCH Porozell offers molded pulp packaging made from 100% recycled waste paper. This environmentally friendly packaging is robust, lightweight and can be produced in various shapes to perfectly suit customers’ needs. Molded pulp packaging is also biodegradable and can be easily recycled, significantly reducing the environmental footprint. Discover our molded pulp packaging solutions and focus on sustainability and quality.

Electronic Equipment and Household Appliances

For the packaging of electronic and household appliances, it is essential to have a reliable and robust protective solution. With EPS moulded parts from HIRSCH Porozell, you can rely on safe and perfectly adapted packaging. Our EPS packaging offers optimum protection against shock, pressure and temperature fluctuations during transport and storage. Whether for sensitive consumer electronics or high-quality white goods, we develop individual packaging solutions that meet the specific requirements of your products.

Shipping Containers

Discover the advantages of our customized trays made of EPS, EPP and EPE. Whether manual or computer-controlled production lines, our load carriers guarantee safe and efficient handling of your products. Thanks to our antistatic design, we protect highly sensitive electronic components from static electricity and interference. As a sustainable and reusable building material, our load carriers also contribute to environmental protection.

Thermal and Insulating Boxes

As an expert in EPS processing, HIRSCH Porozell offers customized packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Our thermal and insulating boxes made of EPS and EPP ensure that your transported goods always travel under optimal conditions. Whether sensitive medical samples or perishable foodstuffs, our packaging guarantees a constant temperature and meets the highest hygienic standards. Rely on our many years of experience and our wide product portfolio in the field of EPS packaging.

Reusable Packaging

We rely on high-quality materials such as EPS, EPP and Arcel to produce robust and resilient packaging that is ideal for long-term use. Our reusable packaging made from EPP and Arcel not only offers high resistance and elasticity, but also environmentally friendly benefits. Thanks to their reusability, they reduce the consumption of disposable packaging and therefore protect the environment. Warehouse logistics and cost advantages can also be achieved by using reusable packaging.

Food Packaging

Our EPS packaging not only keeps your food fresh, but also provides excellent insulation for transporting hot and cold food. With our customised solutions and hygienic materials, we offer the perfect packaging for your needs. Whether for catering transport, take-away or food storage – we have the ideal solution for you.

Standard Products

We offer you a wide range of boxes, containers, ice boxes, protective corners and many other types of standardised packaging solutions made of EPS. Our standard products are optimally suited for wholesalers and industry and offer you many advantages. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive know-how, we can offer you standard packaging of the highest quality and at attractive prices. Another advantage of our EPS standard packaging is the short delivery time. Since we already have a large number of moulds, individual tooling costs are eliminated and production can start quickly and without complications.