Constructive Solutions

Pool System Blocks made of EPS


  • Quick and easy processing due to proven plug-in construction
  • Arched bricks allow Roman steps and individual pool shapes
  • Tread-proof hooked interlocking panels provide optimal insulation of the pool bottom
  • Double-density bricks have a very high pressure-resistant layer on the inside of the pool
  • ETA approval

Modular Boards for Underfloor Heating


  • Cut-free laying due to the “stud on stud” principle.
  •  Suitable for flowing screed due to secure and tight connection of the studs
  • Double density guarantees maximum footfall resistance and optimum noise and sound insulation
  • Absolutely secure hold of the heating pipe due to dimple embossing
  • Quick one-man installation

EPS Insulated Concrete Forms


  • Quick and easy processing due to proven plug-in construction
  • Solid construction
  • Shuttering with insulating function
  • Building blocks serve as substrate for interior and exterior surface finishes
  • Non-load-bearing “lost” shuttering kit
  • ETA approval

Customized EPS Insulation Elements

Various mounting elements for full thermal insulation and against thermal bridging

Heat-insulating, load-bearing connecting element between interior and exterior components

EPS Tailored Parts

Our EPS blanks, which are cut from our prefabricated EPS blocks using hot wire, are suitable for versatile interior and exterior applications.

  • Facade construction
    • Radius panels
    • Profile cuttings
    • reveal elements
  • Flat roofing
    • Attic wedges
    • Special slopes
  • Fillers
    • for e.g. trapezoidal sheets and other shapes
  • Shuttering elements
  • Recesses
  • Window elements

Geo Foam

Neben Dämmstoffen für Dach, Wand, Decke und Boden fertigen wir auch konstruktive Bauteile aus weißem und grauem EPS bis zu einer Dichte von 200 g/l. Durch geringe Dichten dienen die Geoblöcke von HIRSCH als perfektes Füllmaterial im Straßen- und Landschaftsbau. Das reduziert Kosten und Zeit als der Einbau mit vergleichbaren Baustoffen.

Infos im Überblick

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