Sustainability and Recycling

Our Contribution to Social, Ecological and Economic

Sustainable molded pulp packaging

The Sustainability Initiative of the HIRSCH Servo Group


To give an even clearer signal of our corporate principles, we started a comprehensive sustainability initiative with HIRSCH:REuse. The goal is to shape the world even more consciously. The economical use of limited resources, the reduction of fossil fuels and closed-loop measures are particularly close to our “green” hearts. See for yourself how versatile our measures are.


How we live Sustainability

Resource-saving production

100% recycling as our target

Environmental certifications at partners

Top quality with lowest emissions

Sustainable Recycling of EPS to Strengthen the Circular Economy


Whether Thermozell, molded pulp or HIRSCH:REeps – these are just a few of our actions to boost the circular economy and act in a comprehensively sustainable manner. You can see how easy it is.