EPS Insulation for Professionals

Insulation Materials from HIRSCH Porozell

Discover the world of insulation from HIRSCH Porozell. Our high-quality products offer the ideal solution for effective thermal insulation of buildings and ensure a pleasant indoor ambience with maximum energy efficiency. Whether for use in new buildings or in the renovation of existing buildings – our EPS insulation materials impress with their excellent insulating performance and environmentally friendly properties. Benefit from our wide product range and our decades of experience as the market leader in EPS processing.

Advantages of EPS Insulation from HIRSCH Porozell

As a leading supplier of EPS insulation materials, HIRSCH Porozell offers a wide range of benefits for your building project. Our EPS insulation provides effective thermal insulation for buildings, helping to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Our products are particularly environmentally friendly and recyclable, making them a sustainable choice for any building project.

Thanks to their excellent insulating performance, our EPS insulation materials ensure a pleasant indoor atmosphere and reduce the need for heating and air conditioning. This not only saves you energy, but also costs. Our insulation materials are also easy to process and offer a high degree of flexibility in the design of your building project.

Market leader in EPS insulation

50 years of experience in EPS processing

Highest quality standards

Environmentally friendly production