Molded Parts

Molded Parts

Technical Molded Parts

In close cooperation with our customers we develop and produce industrial solutions that frequently open up new fields of application. Shaped-molded parts with inserts made of various materials (e.g. metal, injection molded plastic, etc.), boiler and cistern insulation, and valve guards are just some examples.

Molded Parts

Products for the Safety of People

Parts for personal protection are also molded with higher density materials at certain points or in specific areas to comply with ECE requirements. In addition, using various different densities in one part also means that you can dispense with the need for sheathing. As a result, there is the added bonus of being able to work with one single material.

Molded Parts

EPS Tailored Parts

Our EPS tailored parts, which are hot-wire cut from our prefabricated EPS blocks, are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Prevention of thermal bridges
  • Various construction details
  • Packaging for optimum protection


Advantages of EPS tailored parts

Flexible use

Easy to handle/process

Several densities

Available in white or grey

Molded Parts

EPP Molded Parts

The innovative material EPP is considered a real problem solver for demanding challenges. Whether reusable packaging or transport trays, insulation parts for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, technical molded parts or leisure, sports and garden articles – EPP can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to its outstanding material properties. On top of that, EPP is super environmentally friendly in production and can be returned to the production cycle after use, so it is 100% recyclable.

ESD-capable (electrostatic dissipative) material is used for special applications such as the packaging of electronic components or printed circuit boards. This allows electrostatic charges to be dissipated in a controlled manner and ensures maximum safety for these applications.

Advantages of EPP Molded Parts

High energy absorption, impact and pressure resistance

Easy to clean

Durable and reusable

Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Flower Pots made of EPP

flexipot by HIRSCH

The flexipot by HIRSCH is made of EPP (expandable polypropylene) and offers optimal temperature protection of the root ball due to the excellent insulating properties of the material. The outdoor season of the plants can thus be extended and wrapping the pot with jute or other materials is no longer necessary. The low weight and the high-quality stone look make the flexipot by HIRSCH an eye-catcher indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of flexipot by HIRSCH

Lightweight and high quality

Food safe

Insulating and growth promoting

100% recyclable